Saturday, December 29, 2007

Access Your Home Or Work Desktop From Your iPhone

Attention iPhone or iPod Touch owners!!!

There is an awesome new application that I discovered for my iPhone that I wanted to pass along to you. It reminds me of that go2mypc software you may have heard advertised only it is for your iPhone. I have been using this to blog and it is soooooo cool! Trust me I have been using this for about a week and LOVE IT! If you have an iPhone and are a mobile individual you really need to check this out.

You can control files and applications on your PC or Mac right from your iPhone or iPod touch. Files2Phones delivers "On Demand" access for instantly viewing Data, Audio and Video files & controlling applications and files on your PC, or Intel Mac with a Windows partition, from your iPhone or iPod touch. This is one of the most convenient apps I have used in a long time. Like I said combined with the wifi capabilities of the iPhone I can now blog from anywhere much easier than before. Trust me I have actually blogged from my old cell and it was very difficult.

Files2Phones is iPhone software and is a powerful desktop management, delivery and display software, presenting your data on request on your iPhone, helping you get your work done, no matter where you are. Now you can work smarter, save time and be more productive by controlling any application or viewing any content right on your iPhone. And Files2Phones works on your iPod touch as well.
  • View any data files or directories, any font, any character set, that you have made available on your computer, not just Word and Excel, but any files, .pdf files, even autoCAD, with no extra surcharges for unusual file types and no limits on the number of files you can share or the amount of storage space you can have - it's your data on your own desktop.
  • Launch any application on your desktop directly from your iPhone then manage it remotely, display menus, execute functions, even access Skype on your desktop and call right from your iPhone.
  • And for enhanced security when you do access your desktop from your iPhone or iPod touch, our patent pending "Eyes Off" technology automatically blanks your desktop displays so no one else can view your content while you execute remotely.
  • Place your data and directories in Public, Private and Guest areas for maximum security with access flexibility, and remember, your files stay securely on your own desktop, no copies for others to see, it's your data on your desktop plus all data transfers between your desktop and your iPhone are encrypted.
  • If you want to share your data so others can use it, simply email them a secure link for the file, right from your iPhone. They can open the file from the email message, wherever they are, by using the address link to launch a browser to access your data.
  • For dynamic access to content, connect to a colleague and display the contents of their desktop computer screen, whatever they display. Ask for payment history right before a customer meeting, review inventory levels in real time or prior proposals, your data, in the palm of your hand with Files2Phones.
  • View your desktop Webcam remotely from your iPhone in single shot or continuous mode.
  • Publish your photos in real time, from the iPhone camera "click" to emailing the image to your private web page for global visibility in moments.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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