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5 Ways To Maximize Hits4Pay Earnings

Maximize Your Hits4Pay Earnings Many of you may have read my original Hits4Pay Program Review article published towards the end of June as it seems to pretty popular internally and with google :). I wanted to give a big thanks to all of you who have joined Hits4Pay and give all of my readers an update and all of my affiliates some tips on maximizing your Hits4Pay income. I use Hits4Pay as supplemental income to cover PPC costs, link buys, and other expenses.

Hits4Pay has been a very successful program for me to date earning me about $1500 in about 8 months. That isn't bad for about 20 minutes a week. I don't state that to brag but to show you the potential that is there. In light of my article Blogs, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing, I don't want to just tell you how much I earned, tell you that you can do it to, give you a link, and leave it at that. I want to help you succeed, and maximize your earnings in the Hits4Pay program. In that spirit here are my 5 Steps.

5 Ways to Maximize Hits4Pay Earnings

Step 1
One of the biggest mistakes I see when talking with my affiliates is the under utilization of the interest categories. If you haven't checked the maximum categories, You Aren't Receiving Maximum Emails! You need to immediately go into your Hits4Pay account, select the My Account Tab, choose Edit Interest Categories, and pick the maximum allowed which is 25. This will give you the best chance to get the most emails possible based on your interests. I have read 71 emails this month. The results of this problem can be seen in that the most emails read by any of my affiliates is 50. I believe this discrepancy is a direct result of the category issue just explained and the ones I will address next.

Step 2
It is very important to make sure that you are receiving the Hits4Pay emails. I have many affiliates I talked to that were never receiving the new message alerts because the messages were being filtered as SPAM. Whatever email service you are using make sure that hits4pay is on your "white" or approved email list. When I told this to one affiliate the question was asked "If all the emails must be read from the internal mailbox why does it matter whether or not I am receiving the alerts? I am checking my internal box daily already." Well I'll address that in step 4 but first step 3.

Step 3
Now that you are getting the max emails for your interests and receiving the alerts in your email, you need to be able to find them easily and quickly. Use a filter for incoming mail so that you can sort and label the Hits4Pay alerts. I don't know that email program you are using but most allow for filtering of emails into folders or categories. I receive hundreds of legit emails a day and trying to find the Hits4Pay alerts amongst them would be cumbersome if not for the filter and label option in gmail. The benefit of this is that you can readily see when new alerts come in and you can quickly and easily respond. This is key to step 4.

Step 4
Respond quickly to email alerts by going to Hits4Pay and viewing the email as soon as possible. Back in step 2 I told you about a question that arose when I told an affiliate about the importance of receiving the alerts. The question was "If all the emails must be read from the internal mailbox why does it matter whether or not I am receiving the alerts? I am checking my internal box daily already." Here is the reason why. The emails you will receive have a limited number of times they can be read. If you are not receiving the alerts when they are offered and if you are only checking once a day, you are missing out on many emails.

Step 5
Promote the Hits4Pay program and help your affiliates. Okay maybe this is sort of two things. But this is about helping others succeed as well, so promotion without support just isn't acceptable.

The question I seem to be asked the most when discussing Hits4Pay, and probably one that most people ask themselves when taking a look at the program, is "if they only pay 2 cents an email won't it take forever for me to reach the $25 payment threshold?" The answer is yes, if you are the only one doing the reading. It will take you a bit to get to $25. For example, mtd I have read 71 emails personally for a total of $1.42 generated by me. With the $10 free at sign up, and no referrals, I would be at $11.42. A far cry from $25. Let us run the numbers here so you can get a better idea.

$25 - $11.42 = $13.58 still needed to reach payment
$13.58 / $0.02 = 679 emails to be read to reach payment
679 / 71 = 9.6 rounded up to 10 months to reach payment

And that is if the email count stays steady, which is never guaranteed, and you have maximized your personal earnings using steps 1-4.

Now look at the numbers when you add in 10 referrals who each refer only 2, which is very realistic to attain if you promote using the various methods below.

71 * 30 = 2130 emails to affiliates
2130 * $0.01 = $21.30 earned by affiliates + $11.42 earned by you, including the free $10 signup bonus = $32.72.

Thus you would earn payment in at the very latest your second month. With just a few more affiliates you could be earning payout every month. This is why it is much more profitable and productive to promote the program than to simply try and earn the payout yourself. Now how to promote the program.

Recommended Promotions are as follows:
  • Your own opt-in list

  • Email ads to Safelists

  • Banner exchange programs

  • Traffic programs

  • Newsletter advertising

  • Article Promotions

  • Link Exchange services

  • Free classified advertising

  • Email advertising

  • List building

  • Pay-per-click advertising

  • Signature files

  • Product Reviews

Let me tell you a few of my favorite and most successful promotional tools.
Bidvertiser will give you $20 free PPC advertising so you can start promoting almost instantly.
I also have had good success with signature file promotions. I recommend trying different mediums to find what works best for you.

I hope this has been profitable in helping you to maximize your Hits4Pay earnings. Are there any questions you have? Anything I wasn't clear about. Maybe you have tried some things and would like to share your experiences. Leave a comment and start the discussion.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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