Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Value Of The Display URL In Affiliate Program Marketing

I wanted to give you another quick tip on picking an affiliate program. This tip is really geared more toward PPC advertising more than anything. This is just one in a long list of factors that go into choosing a program for a campaign. Get some more of my valuable tips in my article about Tips On How To Pick An Affiliate Program. I also did an accompanying post that targets a specific program and how it relates to some of my parameters for picking a program:
Affiliate Program Profile - Make Money Selling Oprah's Favorite Stuff

Many affiliate programs will limit the keywords you can bid on. They will usually have a list of protected keywords and non-compete keywords. Protected keywords can't appear in you PPC ad anywhere with on exception neither can you bid on them. Non-compete keywords are keywords you can't bid on. The exception I mention just a minute ago has to do with the display URL in the PPC ad.

The display URL in a PPC ad is the actual URL the ad viewer will see not the actual target URL they will be directed to upon clicking. When you create an ad you enter the actual target URL and then enter the display URL. Some affiliate programs will block you from using their URL for the display URL. Many programs though will allow you to use their domain. The advantage of being able to use the target programs actual URL as the display URL is great as it saves you the cost of a domain in the niche and increases your CTR because of name familiarity and trust.

So when you are looking for a good program be sure to check on whether or not they allow you to use their domain as the display URL in PPC ads. What are some things you look for when you are choosing a program? Have you ever done affiliate marketing via PPC ads before? Would you like to make money affiliate marketing even while you sleep or are on vacation? Get more profitable and productive affiliate marketing information by subscribing to my FEED and my newsletter! or clicking the links below to bookmark my site, or add me to your favorites.

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