Wednesday, November 7, 2007 Link Ads - Review

In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages. (Source: Google).

In light of the recent Google PR brouhaha about sponsored links being penalized and all I thought now would be a good time to bring you a review of I wanted to focus for just a bit on how, in my opinion, is better than TLA and how TNX relates to the Google PR issue. I also want to give you a brief overview of the program. Also coming from an affiliate marketing background I will touch on their affiliate program and how it could benefit you and how it relates to the TLA program.

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

For Advertisers

TNX has a very well designed and organized Ad Campaign wizard. Creating an ad campaign is easy and straight forward. You are going to
buy links and you can set the parameters for the sites you want your ads on. You can set the website categories, geo-location, number of Yahoo Backlinks and Google PR. TNX makes it possible to combine different types of targeting and compare the efficiency with different setups.

For Publishers

You can very easily access the code from the sidebar, add sites, view your site list, and sell your TNX points for cash. Currently the set price from TNX is $.66 per 1000 points. There are some daily limits on selling points but they are reasonable. You can also sell your points to other users at whatever price you can agree to.

Text Links and Google PR

First the Google issue. sets up it's links in such a way so that search engines cannot track its links. The TNX-Code you install on your website is only getting links from static text files that are located on our servers. The installed code is not loading any scripts, databases etc. TLA on the other hand requires webmasters to upload any XML files onto servers which may be easily tracked by search engines and as we all know now can lead to penalties. Also, keeps its inventory private while TLA’s inventory is somewhat public (you get screenshots and site name but not URL). helps publishers and advertisers both webmasters don’t have to worry about being penalized by Google for selling links and advertisers can have confidence that their links are being counted by Google. TNX only charges its members just 12.5%, compared to 50% from TLA, both, advertiser and webmaster.

Affiliate Program

Well first of all the affiliate program gets higher marks than TLA because TLA uses a really screwy code for it's links and they don't load on blogger blogs very well if at all. banner and links work great with no problems. I wouldn't have thought this would be an issue but I have contacted TLA many times over the last several months and they keep responding they are working on it. Great thanks how can it be that hard? I am moving to you took to long. The affiliate program pays a 13.3% lifetime commission for the publishers you refer.


Overall I am pretty impressed with the TNX program and personally like it better over TLA. This is due to the paid link/PR issue and also to some extent the affiliate program. There is however one thing I don't like initially and that is the point system. I would have preferred straight cash. The points may grown on me though. I would recommend this program over TLA and believe it is a great way to earn some money with your site and to build links without being penalized.

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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Sadie said...

I am new to blogging and the net, however I have a blog and I would like to monetize it. I use TLA, how can google penalize my blog for using that program. And can both TLA and TNX be used on the same blog.

And could you answer another question, just how many programs would you publish links for. For example ReviewMe, PPP and SponseredReviews if you published for all of these would that be considered overkill.

Thanks for the help,
[this is the third time sending, I am not sure it's taking]

Proletariatof1 said...

I personally don't use TLA. I do use TNX on some other sites but not on this blog. And no you can't use both TLA and TNX on same blog. If you are worried about PR then don't use any paid links or posts. I personally don't give a flying flip about google and PR so for me it doens't matter.

I use Payperpost, Sponsored Reviews, and Smorty. I haven't doing much paid posting on this blog I pretty much leave that for my others. I do agree that using all 3 could be overkill if done on the same blog several times a day. Although if you posted some other really good articles and got traffic to those pages speciffically you should be okay.