Monday, November 5, 2007

Google Introduces YouTube Video Units

I don't personally work with Google Adsense but for those of you who do here is some interesting news. I was wondering how long this would take after the YouTube/Google mashup. Google AdSense has introduced video units, that let you include YouTube video on your blog, and make money from ads on it. Here’s what they have to say about it:

We're excited about the launch of video units -- a new way to enrich your blog with quality, relevant video content in an embedded, customizable player. Simply embed a snippet of code and have relevant YouTube partner content streamed to your blog. You can choose categories of video to target to your site, select content from individual YouTube partners, or have video automatically targeted to your blog's content. Companion and text overlay ads are relevant and non-intrusive. To further blend the YouTube player into your blog, you can also customize the color scheme and layout as well as choose from three different player sizes.

You can get some more information about video units from the Adsense help page. Once you’ve created the code for a video unitit is prety easy to add it to your blog as an HTML element.

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