Thursday, November 8, 2007

Exclusive - Kontera Launches $25 Bonus Plan

Breaking News:
I am breaking some pretty cool news today. You won't be reading about this other places. Kontera, which brings you ContentLink™ , has launched a $25 bonus plan. If you haven't signed up yet with for ContentLink now is your time.

ContentLink™ Advantages:
  • Additional revenue from your content

  • Control the amount of links on the page

  • Control the color of the marked keywords

  • Users get the most relevant ads

ContentLink™ discovers, in real-time, relevant keywords on a web page from within Kontera´s vast network of publishers, and that keyword is automatically turned into a link to the most relevant ad from among Kontera´s thousands of advertisers. With ContentLink™ publishers generate incremental revenue while advertisers reach their most targeted audience on a Cost-Per-Click basis.

This bonus offer is a first of it's kind and I am proud to bring you this breaking news. You won't be reading about this other places. Head on over to Kontera, sign up for ContentLink™, and take advantage of this $25 bonus offer. This is a limited time offer so hurry over today before it is gone for good.

Kontera is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising and Information Services
based on patent- pending text and content analysis technology that maximizes
relevancy and yield for online users, publishers, and advertisers.

The company’s flagship product, ContentLink™, finds contextually relevant keywords on a publisher’s web page in real-time and automatically matches them to relevant ads and information. Thousands of online publishers worldwide are currently using Kontera’s service for additive revenue from their content while providing relevant ads and information to their users.

Leading international advertisers in a broad range of product categories are achieving improved ROI with ContentLink™ over other advertising vehicles because of the relevancy of the ad to the user’s online experience and immediate frame of mind.

Kontera’s competitive advantage lies in seven years of experience in the In-Text market and its patent pending proprietary textual and content analysis technology. The company has developed and utilizes several proprietary semantic, statistical,
linguistic, and yield maximization algorithms to analyze words and parts-of-speech to extract and rank relevant topics and keywords, which are then matched to relevant ads.

Kontera was founded in 2003 by co-founders Yoav Shaham, Assaf Henkin, and Henit Vitos with the vision of providing relevant information to users at the point of context. Kontera is a privately held company backed by Sequoia Capital and Lehman Brothers with offices in San Francisco, California and Herzeliya, Israel.


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