Thursday, November 1, 2007

BlogRush - Quick Look

BlogRush is a free service that was created to help bloggers solve their #1 need: More Readers For Their Blog. Do you write a blog? Get Massive Traffic. By adding the BlogRush Widget to a blog, a blogger can get instant distribution for their latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs and allows you to get traffic to your blog, free.

BlogRush bloggers earn credits based on traffic at their blog and also the traffic of any referrals. Here is how the service describes itself.
BlogRush is a "Cooperative Syndication Network" that rewards its users for their
contributions to the network -- from the impressions they provide of the
BlogRush Widget to the referral of other users through 10 'generations' of
activity and the impressions of the widget that they provide. BlogRush was
designed to be incredibly viral and to provide its users with tremendous
distribution leverage to receive exposure for their blog content (onto related
content blogs) that they could never achieve on their own; at least without a
massive advertising budget.
If you write good content that you think more people would enjoy reading it. Blogrush would probably be a good way to get your content out there to more people. Have a Blog? Get more readers, Click Here.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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