Monday, November 12, 2007

Announcing 45n5 Top Blogs Review Series

Almost 2 months ago now Mark over at 45n5 published a list of the top 100 "make money online" type blogs. The list hit big on digg and got lots of link love and mentions from many of the top blogs he put on the list. The obvious blogs top the list: ProBlogger, ShoeMoney, & JohnChow. The list is based on a combination of PR, Technorati, and Alexa stats.

They also have a widget you can add, a banner, that will display your rank on the list. You can see mine in the sidebar. There is also another great feature called MoneyLinks. MoneyLinks is a feed of all the new posts of the blogs on the list. So this post will be on there shortly. This is a big plus for the blogs featured on the list as it gives them some good exposure.

I debuted on the list at #157 and really haven't went anywhere. I have moved this blog to it's own domain and lost quite a bit of "juice" so I guess still sitting @ 158 I shouldn't complain. I actually have better stats than quite a few blogs above me but alas I must be patient for the numbers to catch the new domain.

Anyway I have decided to start a bi-weekly series of reviews based off of this list. The list includes more than 100 sites and I will choosing my blogs from those that are 125 or lower. I will do a full review of the site. It will not be sponsored nor solicited. Although I will contact the author to let them know I am running the review. I will give an honest critique of each site. I hope the reviews will help you find some great blogs, and also help the author find some great new readers. I am writing the fist review and it will be published by the end of the week depending on post schedules, so stay tuned.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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