Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazon Unveils The Kindle E-Book Reader - My Review

Profitable Productive Blogging - Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader - My ReviewI have actually gotten the chance to take a look at one of these today and I really like the hardware. The no cost wireless setup to download e-books, read magazines, or BLOGS, is a great feature. No other e-book reader has ever had this type of stand alone functionality. You don't need a computer to download books, mags, or blogs to the reader.

The Kindle uses the same display technology from E-Ink that the Sony reader does. The screen does this little annoying fade to black between page flips that I wish could be eliminated. The black and white display on occasion hinders proper viewing of some blogs due to the layout or color setup. The screen is easy to read even in bright sunlight and glare.

The unit is lightweight, about 10 oz. About the same or less than a paperback but certainly less than a standard hard bound book. It also has a full keyboard for typing in search queries and more. The keyboard is just functional at best of course for the blackberry crowd it should be just fine. There is plenty of memory as the unit can hold about 200 books.

One drawback I see from the service is the price of the books. At $9.99 for most it is more than a paperback but less than hard bound books. Some might think this is reasonable but for me the book is in a digital format how expensive can that be? In fact the book is ready made to that format as that is how it exists before printing. There is very little extra cost for the book publisher to provide a digital copy. So why the $10? Amazon says the price is to cover the wireless charges, network costs, and the like. I feel this is a reasonable explanation but still think $10 is a bit steep. I think a tiered price point with say $4.99 for older books, $9.99 for new books, and $.99 for classics.

I truly hope this unit catches on and Amazon can really start to drive the price down on these. I think once the price gets down to $99 or $149 that they will have a really really hot product on their hands. For people like me that read 5 or 6 books at a time it would be great.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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