Monday, November 19, 2007

100 FREE Blogger Cards

A great way to garner more exposure for you blog is offline advertising. If you have been considering some form of offline advertising today is the day for you. The newest trend in blogging is Ooprint's "Business Card 2.0". These cards are a great way to attract new readers and network with other bloggers. Here is an offer for 100 Free blogger cards.

What is a "blogger card?" Well, a blogger card is like a business card but with a few small simple changes. The coolest difference about these cards is the tag cloud at the bottom. The unique tag cloud can be personalized to focus on key words that are important to you and your blog. Your blogger card allows you to leave your mark (or rather, your URL) outside the digital world.

They also have a web 2.0 feel to them with gradients and nice format and graphics. You can customize with your blogs logo and choose a color that works with your blogs color scheme. This is a great way to extend your blogs identity and brand outside the online world.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day.

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