Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Profitable Productive Posts - Vol. 7

Profitable Productive Posts
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Mike's Money Making Mission - Is It Possible To Make Money From Free Blogs?
I am doing something a bit different this week and linking to two articles from one blog. The reason I am doing this is to show the potential that blogging has. Mike started his blogging journey right at a year ago and after looking at his most recent weekly earnings report I'll let you decide the answer to the opening question. A Total of $3899.22! That is a weekly total mind you and with free blogs. This is quite a jump from his first week of $0.84! Congrats Mike and here is to your continued success.

Michel Fortin dot Com - The Seven Deadly Sins of Website Copy
Probably one of the best articles on "copy" I've read in a while.

Blogging Tips - JPG, Gif, and PNG oh my.
A very nice summation of the dominant image formats used on the web and the why and when to use them.

Dosh Dosh - How to Influence Powerful Social Media Users for Traffic and Attention
A very in depth and informative article on how to gain favor with the movers and shakers in the social media arena. This article is full to the brim with information.

Success For Your Blog - 5 Things to do every week starting today
A great list. If you do these things on a regular basis it will go a long way to building your blog traffic.

Yaro @ Entrepreneur's Journey - How I Generate $1675 Per Month Passive Income From Buying Websites
A great article detailing how he purchased some sites and increased the income to a very nice passive income.

Daily Moolah - A Guide to Blog Marketing on Digital Point
This is one of the older articles on this weeks list, but I just came across this. As I have been on DP almost since I started blogging and have found it a great source for building relationships and traffic, I figured many of you would benefit from this information.

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Profitable Productive Posts - October 10, 2007
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later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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