Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Internet And Its Impact On The Climate Change Debate

What is your opinion on climate change? Do you feel global warming is a result of human activity? What impact do you feel the Internet and blogging in particular has had on the climate change debate?

I know that the Internet and blogging in particular has been having a large impact in the political realm and in certainly in the area of public energy policy and how it relates to climate change. The blogosphere has been able to create buzz and even generate large amounts of funds for candidates and their energy policy initiatives. This is just one more area where I feel blogging and the Internet "new media" has been having a substantial impact.

The other day I came across a pretty cool site, EnergyPolicyTV, that has a large collection of videos related to alternative fuels, climate change, energy policy, and many more related topics. I was looking for some information on clean diesel and found one of the videos on this site. The videos are from a variety of sources and it seems they are from both sides of the debate and include governmental officials, non-profit groups, and corporate sources.

After browsing around and watching bits and pieces of quite a few videos, I would have to say the one that caught my attention the most was a short video on Who Owns "Big Oil"? Former Clinton energy official Robert Shapiro investigated who really owns these "big oil" companies. It was found that almost 85% of these companies is owned by private pension plans, retirement accounts, and mutual funds, and not just a "privileged few." I know the results were a bit surprising to me.

Today I just felt like writing something a bit different and encourage my fellow citizen bloggers that you can and are making a difference. The public and private sectors alike are beginning to see the power of the blogosphere and how it can generate buzz around an issue and really build grass roots support. Regardless of where you stand in the climate change debate, energy policy needs to change. If you are looking for some good information on the issue stop by the EnergyPolicyTV site and watch a few of their videos. It is the best site I found for videos on the climate change and energy policy debate. I did wonder though about who was behind the site?

What impact if any do you feel the blogosphere and the Internet in general has played in the climate change debate? Do you feel that the blogosphere and the Internet "new media" has had an impact on public energy policy?

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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