Monday, October 22, 2007

Hold The Horns While I Milk The Cow - Or One Reason Why My Blog Is Better Than A Cow

BlogRush Cleans House

Well, well, well, It has been an eventful weekend but now it is back to the grind. Stopping by my inbox this morning to peruse the weekend mail and I see an email from the BlogRush crew. I figured it was probably another email about why the dashboard wasn't working or why my content wasn't being served properly, but no it was an email singing praises about this wonderful blog. Here read it in their own words.
Congratulations! You are receiving this update because your blog has passed our strict Quality Guidelines and criteria -- we believe you have a high-quality blog and we are happy you're a member of our network![emphasis added]

I knew I was good but wow now it is confirmed by a third party that I have a "high-quality" blog. At least John Reese and the boys (and girls) think I do. Well after reading this and busting the stitches on my hat I continued farther into the email. Here is where it gets interesting. Not only are they telling me what a "high-quality" fellow I am they are telling me how a bunch of you suck. !gasp! Yep, you read it right. BlogRush says that over 10,000 of you suck and are not "high-quality" like me. They cleaned house and eliminated blogs that couldn't cut it.
We've just completed a massive SWEEP of our entire network. We've removed over *10,000* blogs (Yes, ten thousand) that did not meet our new Quality Guidelines.[emphasis added]
Well that seems like a good idea to me. Get rid of the pyrite so there is no mistaking the gold. Did you make it through the BlogRush quality audit? This house cleaning will hopefully improve the articles being served up by blogrush, or at least the blogs.
You will notice the HUGE DIFFERENCE in the quality of blogs that now appear in your widget. This major *sweep* of our network will also increase the click-rates across the entire network and you will start to receive more traffic.
Well I sure hope so. I have been very disappointed in BlogRush. After the all they hype, to me, it just never quite got there. So now that BlogRush will be better since they kept a "high-quality" blog like mine around what are they going to do next?

They are stating that they are in the process of rolling out their "massive "Phase 2" upgrade to BlogRush. In the next few days..." Finally! I haven't had a dashboard since signing up. So we can all be expecting a new dashboard and new categories which should help with article relevancy. One thing they mentioned was a new "Thin Widget" option. Thank you BlogRush. That is one thing that has bothered me from the beginning. The widget fits in my sidebar but I visited quite a few "top" blogs and noticed the widget being cut off in the slimmer sidebars. How unprofessional of them. Maybe that is why I'm still here and they aren't ;).

I smoked a Brisket or Hold the horns while I milk the cow

Well the morning got even better as I was running through my feeds and noticed an article titled Banned From BlogRush. I clicked to read and saw it was from It looks as though John Reese and the team put the Cow out to pasture. Why? you ask. Their blog "did NOT meet BlogRush's[sic] strict quality guidelines." Now to me this doesn't make much sense. I think is a pretty good blog, but according to the BlogRush team I am better. What do you think of BlogRush removing The Cow doesn't seem to quite get why they were removed either. According to the Cow they have over 1000 direct referalls into BlogRush, including JohnChow. This would seem to be a bad move on the part of BlogRush. I also noticed as did Mr. Cow that Reese turned off comments shortly after Mr. Cow published his rebuttal on the removal. I agree with Cow WTF Mr. Reese?

Did you make it through the BlogRush quality audit? What do you think of BlogRush removing What about BlogRush in general? Do you think the changes will save BlogRush?

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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