Sunday, October 7, 2007

Has Your Man Been Bad? Send Him To His Garage!

I was in a discussion today on what to get my dad for Christmas. We went round and round about who was harder to buy for Guy or Girls. What do you think? I say girls hands down. I know I'm not that hard to buy for. Anyway back on topic. The reason for this post is just to give you a quick heads up what I feel would be great and certainly fits in that whole gifts for him category. I know it is something that I want. I have the epoxy stuff and it has it's drawbacks. What is it you ask?

Garage flooring! Huh? Yep garage flooring. I put down an epoxy floor coating and I like it okay. I have a friend though that put down a tiled garage floor and I like it much better. My floor is gray with specks in it. His? Chicago Bears Blue and Orange! I made a mess and ended up a mess when I coated my floor. These tiles interlock quickly and the look is seamless. They are supposed to be waterproof so we put them to the test and sure enough the tile was waterproof.

The floor is about a 1/4" thick or so and will support jacks for those of you that work on cars. My epoxy floor was supposed to also but it ended up with a chip the first time out. Anyway the nice thing about the tiles is that if for some reason one fails you can simply replace it. Another thing that I liked about it is that it was much quieter than my floor. I would think that it would be warmer than the concrete floor come winter as well.

Overall I think I like this better than my epoxy. I also think this would make a pretty cool and unique gift for the guy in your life. I 'm a guy and I know that if I got something like this I would love it. It would be even better if you walked me into the garage and already had it laid for me. Now that would be an awesome gift from my lady! My friend told me where he ordered it from and I went and checked out the site. They have a pretty good selection of styles and colors along with a selection of stuff for a guy's dream garage.

Well for friends and family that are reading this I would really like this for my garage. If you are wondering the inside dimensions of the garage are 26' x18'. Well back to Bears game.

Later all and have a profitable productive blogging day

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