Thursday, October 25, 2007

GreenRoad - Can A Website Increase Your Safety 54%

I came across a cool new Silicon Valley startup company GreenRoad that has developed technology that measures driving safety and they claim it can reduce car crashes by 54%. What I found very interesting is the device that goes in the car that can detect driving "maneuvers" to assess safety level, and then transmits that data to an Internet site that lets drivers see where they need to improve. It gives a color of red for bad drivers and green for good drivers. I really think it is amazing how the internet has penetrated almost every aspect of life even driving.

The technology is a combination of metric reporting back to the website and non-invasive in-vehicle coaching to help change driver behavior instantly. Not knowing for sure how this works, I would assume it would be some sort of a voice prompt. This seems pretty cool, unless of course you are a crazy driver then the thing would most likely chirp at you quite a bit. I would be curious to see exactly how non-invasive it was.

From what I gather from the website and some of the news releases I read on the company, their technology is aimed mostly at fleets and insurance companies.
By working with GreenRoad, insurance companies can reduce claim costs, have
increased confidence when insuring high risk drivers, and create marketing
programs that increase customer loyalty and retention.
What do you think about this technology? Would you like your driving habits reported back to your insurance manager or boss? Do you think the non-invasive in-vehicle coaching would really just be a distraction or a plus? Would you simply get annoyed and drive worse? I personally think it would be a positive for fleets.

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