Thursday, October 25, 2007

Google PageRank Doesn't Matter? I Don't Think Everyone Else Got The Memo Yet

I turn on my computer today, open the browser and as soon as the home page loads I am bombarded with PageRank this and PageRank that. I read articles of bloggers lamenting their PR drop and articles saying that PR doesn't matter. There were articles talking about the evolution of PR and TrustRank and all that stuff. After reading all this about how PR is no longer important and doesn't matter I as sure I would open my email inbox and see a bunch of paypal notices where my advertisers had sent me extra money. Alas I have not seen any such notices today. I highly doubt I would see those notices even if I sent an email out to all of my advertisers informing them of an immediate increase in ad prices and citing the fact that all these prominent bloggers have all said that PR doesn't matter.

Well here is the memo for all of my advertisers and readers and affiliate programs and the like. PR doesn't matter. I have consistently maintained a 30 day moving average of close to 10,000 pageviews with roughly 7000 uniques for almost 90 days now. I still don't have a PR yet and I can't seem to really gain much Alexa traction. Because of this PR issue I have yet to get anywhere with TLA, even with my good traffic numbers I haven't been able to garner higher ad prices, and in general I get dinged for not having a good PR. I also get denied by certain In-Line ad programs and others citing low PR, well granted I don't have my own domain either. Today though was good news for me as PageRank no longer matters. Now to just get the memo in the right hands.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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