Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 5 - Write Passionately! Great Advice Folks, Now How?

Welcome to Day 5 of my series Tools & Tips for Profitable Productive Blogging. Today I simply want to talk about motivation and what it means to me to write passionately. Read what I have to say and then leave your opinion. This is something that I have struggled and I believe that this post will help you avoid some of the pitfalls I and other bloggers have fallen into.

Write Passionately

How many times have I read that. I have read this on blogs from Kathmandu to Kalamazoo, which is actually where I went to college, sorry tangent. Well I struggled with this advice from the beginning of my blogging career. What exactly does writing passionately mean. Am I to stroke each post affectionately while telling it how beautiful I think it is? Does each post have to be top flight Pulitzer worthy content that I pour my heart and soul into? Can I ever just post about what I came across that day, week, or month? Finally after discussions with many bloggers I came to this conclusion about what it means to write passionately

Write FROM Passion

Now to me that makes more sense. What are you passionate about? Me? I love making money online. I can do it from any place and any time. If you do it right you can make money online while sipping cocktails in the Caribbean, while picking pumpkins with your kids, or pretty much any other activity you can think of. I love my family. I love my time. I love freedom of location. I really love, am passionate about, time with my family in lots of locations. That is where I draw my motivation from. That is where I blog from. That is why I am still blogging and why so many have given up. I draw my inspiration and motivation FROM my passion.

Do I write great copy? Lets just say I am working on it. Do I write insightful articles that spark a blogging epiphany in readers? On a very very good day maybe :). I do however write from my passion. I write because I have a passionate motivation to make money online instead of working my a-s off for 40 years for some other guy. Now I have a great job so don't get me wrong but I am working extremely hard to replace it, which is a pretty high mark. I am passionate about my family time and being able to have freedom of location for that time. Therefore I am passionate about making money online. And thus I write from my passion.

Where do you draw your inspiration from. What is your motivation for blogging. Is it to make money? What is your passion? What is it that drives you?

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later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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Taylor Blue said...

I have a couple of blogs. My entertainment blog of course comes from my sources but my mom blog comes from my heart. I have been trying to do some soul searching on how to make it a better blog.

Proletariatof1 said...

I believe that all of a persons blogs should come from passion. It doesn't mean that the blog author is necessarily passionate about each blog subject. I know that may seem like I am parsing words. If you are passionate about simply the money angle that is great and all your blogs should come from that. They don't necessarily have to be ABOUT that.

Whether your passion is family time, charity, greed, parenting, nationality or race, whatever it is good or bad that is where your motivation and ultimately inspiration should come from.