Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Building, Remodeling, Flipping?

As some of you may know I also do real-estate investing. I tend to gravitate toward the lower end, but on occasion I move on up to the east side. There is a big difference in what you can put into a house in the low to low-middle market and the high-mid to high market. The expectations of the end buyer are different and yes brand recognition makes a difference. I don't put granite in a house under 200 and I don't put laminate in a house over. You can use the internet to make and save you money even in this line of work.

The two areas that make the most impact and where you will most likely spend the biggest part of your budget are the kitchen and bathrooms. One thing I use to impress higher end buyers is high end high quality brand name faucets in these areas. The kind you won't find at Depot or Lowe's. Yep name dropping even works when it comes to selling homes. I usually do my price comparisons online and most of the time also buy them online. One site I frequent is Faucet.com. They have brands you are probably familiar with like Kohler and Moen, but also have the high end brands like Franke, ShowHouse, and the Grohe faucet line. Believe me put in Grohe faucets and it will make a big impression on higher end buyers, and stopping by Faucet.com will save you some money as no store I have found locally sells them for less.

You see the Internet is a tool you can use to make and save money in all aspects of life and business. Use it to your advantage. You can save on faucets to checking accounts and everything in between.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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