Friday, October 5, 2007

5 Days of Tools & Tips For More Productive Blogging - Day 1

Welcome to the first day of my Tools & Tips for Profitable Productive Blogging. Each day I will discuss several ways and/or tools to help you decrease your time spent blogging and increase your results and revenue.

Today I am bringing you one tool and one tip on how to better utilize and organize bookmarks. Bookmarking is an essential tool and if done right can save you tons of time surfing and blogging.

If you are like me you like your time spent blogging to be as productive as possible. I don't have tons of time to sit around at my computer. I am working hard to become more productive and cut down my time spent even more all while increasing profit. I am always striving to be a more profitable productive blogger(hence the name). If you are reading this then I am positive that is your goal as well. Here are a few tips and some helpful tools that I have learned and picked up along my way.

Share some tools, in the comments, that you use to make your time more productive and profitable? They and you could end up featured in the coming days! Do you tend to use Firefox or IE when you are blogging and browsing? Do you blog from multiple computers and locations? Now on the the good stuff.....

Use A Bookmark Sync Tool
If you are like me and blog from multiple computers, locations, even devices, having a tool that synchronizes your bookmarks and a few attributes of your browser across multiple computers is a huge plus. This type of tool has allowed me to blog from almost anywhere. I started out using google sync and now use Foxmarks. Either tool is good and each have their strong points. Both of them are FREE so I suggest trying them both and seeing which works best for you.
Google Browser Sync
Foxmarks - The Bookmark Synchronizer

Organize & Open Sets Of Bookmarked Sites In Your Tabbed Browser
This is where having your bookmarks synced across all your computers comes in really handy. I like to be able to open specific sets of sites each time I blog. Having them organized in folders and synced allows me to be much more productive regardless of where I am. If you haven't organized your bookmarks yet you should do it now. Some suggestions for folders or categories might be, Fave Blogs, PPC Sites, Forums, Affiliate Sites, Your blogs, etc..

Now start blogging and surfing more efficiently regardless of location. Not being tied to a single computer and still having all of your bookmark organization is a huge step in reducing your time spent online while increasing your results.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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