Saturday, October 6, 2007

45n5 Top 100 - I'm There! Technorati Top 10K - There Too!

Well I'm not actually in the top 100 but I did debut on the list page at #157. Not bad considering I don't have a page rank yet and I started a bit late to the Alexa game. What is this list you ask? Well, about a month or so ago Mark over at 45n5 published a list of the top 100 "make money online" type blogs. The list hit big on digg and got lots of link love and mentions from many of the top blogs he put on the list.

They also have a widget you can add, a banner, that will display your rank on the list. You can see mine in the sidebar. They also have another great feature called MoneyLinks. MoneyLinks is a feed of all the new posts of the blogs on the list. So this post will be on there shortly. This is a big plus for the blogs featured on the list.

I figured I probably don't toot my own horn enough so why not post the good stuff. My goal is to push hard to top 125 in the coming months. I think that getting a good page rank(if google ever gets around to it) will bounce me up pretty good. Until then it is all about driving traffic and building techno and alexa numbers.

In addition to being on the Top 100 list page, I am in the Technorati Top 10k club. My rank is actually in 7,000 range! I actually joined the top 10k club a while back but never got around to posting the news. I figured though since I was already posting the other I would include this as well. I do know that these will help, and have, in selling some ad space. Speaking of which October is Ad Space Sale Month! Check out my obscenely low prices. You won't be disappointed.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the awesome mention of 45n5 and good luck with the site here.

Hope to see you in the top 100 real soon ;-)

Proletariatof1 said...

As do I....