Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sproose - A New User Powered Search Engine

Sproose, “user powered search” a new age search engine, allows users to vote for their favorite websites and influence the index ranking of the search results. Once voted, the index is instantly refreshed moving the site up creating improved results for each user. The more users that vote a site the further up in the index it goes. Users may share their voted site history with others connecting users with similar interests. click here to try sproose

I have went over to sproose and and checked it out. I did a bunch of random searches comparing the results to those of google, yahoo, and ask. The results were a pretty close match with yahoo and ask but not quite so much with google. The plus side of the "user powered" approach is that it integrates the algorithmic search results with those voted up the results list by users. It seems to be a mix of bookmarking sites like digg or delicious combined with the user interaction of StumbleUpon and the organic results of normal search engines. It isn't strictly vote based. Another plus is that they have set up a comment system where those that "sproose" up search results can comment on why they did it and what about that particular result was relevant to the search terms. Overall I think Sproose has found a good niche in the search engine world and will be a successful player.

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