Friday, September 26, 2008

Speak And Your Blog Will Listen

I have this wonderful little program for my iPhone that transcribes spoken word into text. It is called Jott and it is free via the iTunes store. I was using this the other day and thought that wouldn't it be wonderful if I could blog while( Brett Bumeter for pointing out my poor grammar)driving, working out, cooking dinner, or other activities. I know there are times I have flashes of inspiration and I wish I could just get them down on paper. If I could just talk and have my words transcribed for me and then just paste them right into an article it could really be a time saver. What are your thoughts on this?

Well I have found a program that does this and wanted to pass that information along to all of you. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred allows you to not only turn speech into text, but you can use your voice to actually control your common applications like Word, Outlook Express, and Internet Explorer. You can even use it to search the internet or your computer. This reminds me a bit of those Ford Sync commercials. Do you need to find some information for an article you are writing? You can quickly search by saying "Search the Web for affiliate marketing articles," and boom you have results. Now Tell me that wouldn't make research for your articles easier and faster.

This blog is about blogging for profit and doing in it a productive manner. Now most people type less than 40 words a minute, but they speak over 120 words per minute. People would tend to say I talk a bit more ;). Basically that means you can create your blog posts, documents and e-mails about three times faster using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now I'm sure you won't get the full 3x boost but you will certainly be able to research and compose a blog post much faster. How is that for productive blogging?

Now the Preferred version I have discussed here is $199.99, which honestly to me seems a bit steep. They do have Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard which is only $99.99 but has been stripped of some features. I don't really see where there is a $100 dollar improvement between the two and would like to see a price closer to $150 for the preferred version. Other than the price issue, which I think is a bit steep, I think this program would be extremely helpful to any blogger from new to advanced. Anyway, if you have been looking for something to help you be more productive in your blogging and computer work in general this program is certainly something to consider. Check out a demo of some of it's functionality in the video below and for some more information check out the NY Times Review of DNS10.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to mention that there is a difference between the preferred version of the basic version when it comes to capabilities. Among other things the preferred version lets you take an MP3 file and converted into text. So for example, if you have a pocket recorder, you can speak into it and later take that MP3 file and converted into text using Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred.

There are some other differences as well, but that's the big one that I use.

Also, I think you dropped a word in one of your sentences which threw me for a loop when I first started reading your article which states, "if I could blog driving, working out, cooking dinner, or other activities."

I think what you meant to say might have looked like, "if I could blog while driving, working out, cooking dinner, or other activities."

Seems to be a missing word, "while"


Proletariatof1 said...

Ahhh...being able to convert mp3's to text is an option that I would pay the extra money for. Thanks for the comment. I will be getting this product to test and will post more about it in the future.

And thanks for the correction on my grammar.... :)