Friday, September 21, 2007

$4 = $25 Cman's New Math Will Increase Your Buying Power!

A few days ago I filled you in on how you could Turn $5 into $25 Instantly . Well Like I said that was a limited time offer and it is now GONE. There is good news however. Today I am offering another limited time offer exclusively to you my readers. This new offer is even BETTER! Through this special deal and the exclusive link below I am able to offer you a extraordinary savings opportunity. Turn your $4 into $25! This offer is valid from September 21st to the 30th so be sure to post this offer today!

I am all about saving money through investing but also through simply spending less on everyday budgetary expenses. Remember though it doesn't really work and you don't really save the money if you can't capture the savings instantly, or if you spend money that you normally wouldn't be spending anyway. You have to capture what I call "theoretical savings" and turn them into "actual savings" working for you earning interest. Well here is your opportunity to save money on your "eating out" budget. I know that I budget a certain amount each month for eating out. It isn't much and once that is gone it is gone and there is no more eating out.

Several years ago I started using certificates as a way to cut expenses and increase the buying power of my money. A local radio station would offer $x value certificates to local businesses for 50% or more off face value. I found that this was a great way to stretch the budget for planned expenses. Now many radio stations in both large and small markets partner with their advertisers and other local businesses to offer these types of certificates to their listeners. Not only did this allow me to stretch my dollar but it actually allowed me to decrease the $ amount allocated to certain budget categories, because of the increased buying power. This decrease in $'s for certain categories allowed me to again increase the $'s working for me in accumulating wealth. Save the money then really save the money. Again, capturing the "theoretical savings" is critical.

This offer of turning $4 into $25 is a similar program to the ones talked about earlier. Through this exclusive deal I am able to offer you the opportunity to purchase $25 certificates for the amazing price of ONLY $4! Head over to using my exclusive link below and use the code SEASONS at checkout and you will automatically turn $4 dollars into $25 worth of buying power.

60% Off Sale! Use code SEASONS at checkout. Hurry Offer expires Sept. 30th!

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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