Friday, August 3, 2007

Referrals, Sh-t, Strip Poker, and Happy Men

This is going to be a shotgun post. Pull the trigger, let'er fly, and hope I hit something :) . I figured I could spread the love in one post instead of several smaller posts and it would save me some time and space on the front page.

First I want to say a big thanks to Kevin at BloggingTips for a great blog and a great forum. He ran a contest in July for the most referrals to the forum and I was lucky enough to win a bit of cash. I encourage all of you to head over to BloggingTips read his great articles and JOIN the BloggingTips FORUM. It is a very fast growing and active forum.

Well, I have to say that I also entered Bloggrrl's sh-tty contest :) and didn't win. :( I did however get a very sizable segment of broadcast time in her post announcing the winner and for that I am very thankful. Since I am, as she put it, "flush" she embarked on a small quest to part me from some of my "flushness" by making the first official entry in my What the F Does the C Stand 4 contest.

Now to return the favor, I have decided to heat up my blog and play strip poker with 2 hot grrl's - Bloggrrl and Bizgrrl. Of course, it is really just an exercise in role playing but hey give me a sexy bloggrrl dressed in a suit with cute glasses and I'll play along. Michelle, I'm still waiting on the picture of the new hair. Wish me luck in trying to win some sexy new "draw's" to wear. Check out the grrls and read my favorite post over there The 6 Guerrilla Blogger’s Marketing Commandments.

Moving over to cowboy, and girl, country and to one of my favorite blogs. Lori over at A Cowboy's Wife has written an interesting, entertaining, and very informative article on Keeping Your Man Happy. She has been married 14 1/2 years and I can see why. This is some sound advice and I'm looking forward to a follow up on what us guys should be doing :) . I love her pictures, except the ones of a horse getting the "Bobbitt" treatment, and her straight forward tell it like it is writing style.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

Yours Truly
C “has to stand for Chow” Man

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1 comment:

Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

I just got home and read your post:)

Great way to shout out to several people!

And thank you for the "plug" and the compliment. You are very kind C?man;)