Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Make Money Online with Rob Zombie's Halloween - Pt. 2

Now you may ask, "Cman Why in the world did you talk about the Halloween movie?" Well, as you can see from the end of this post this is a paid post through PayPerPost. To be honest I haven't done a single paid post through PayPerPost since my original review of the PayPerPost program. The reason behind this was that the available opportunities just didn't fit this blog. Obviously the Halloween review above doesn't necessarily fit into the theme of this blog it does illustrate the power of paid posting.

Paid and sponsored posts, when done correctly, can be a great stream of income to even advanced bloggers. I know that they get some criticism from people but when done within the framework of the blog's theme they can be integrated well and not be too obvious or intrusive. This particular opportunity through PayPerPost is one that pays quite well, and several of this level per week would be a nice little extra income, especially for beginning bloggers. There are bloggers who have several blogs on different topics and I know that some of them are making $1,000's per month doing sponsored posts.

I encourage you to head on over to PayPerPost and check out their program. I am sure that with their program and your blog you to can Make Money Online with Rob Zombie's Halloween!

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Make Money Online with Rob Zombie's Halloween

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