Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Make Money Online with Rob Zombie's Halloween

Coming at the end of the month is a new movie in the long running Halloween slasher film series simply titled Halloween the movie. Now as a fan of the original 1978 Halloween film, though not the sequels, I was originally not very interested in yet another bad sequel when I first started hearing about a new movie. Though as I began to hear a bit more about the film and realized that Rob Zombie would be directing and that it would be not a sequel but as Zombie would put it a "re-imagining" I thought that it might be something of an interesting film.

Probably one of my recent favorite "scary", as opposed to "horror", movies Scream, as with most 80's and 90's "slasher" films, has it's roots in the Halloween franchise, the original picture being the most influential. The rules talked about in Scream, as well as the themes from other movies, really came from the style and the "survival of the virgins" theme from the original film. This will really put some pressure on Rob to deliver a top-notch movie, and I think he will deliver.

Now as a Rob Zombie fan I was encouraged by his involvement in the film I am really hoping he will bring a fresh perspective to the aging franchise. From viewing the trailer, linked below, and an interview with Rob about the movie, I really think he will bring more of his style from The Devils Rejects than from his first film House of a 1000 Corpses. Take a look at the trailer below to see some of what I'm talking about.The trailer seems to show that the movie will have a bit of a prequel feel to it as well as the re-imagining of the original story. After seeing the trailers and the interviews, and as a fan of "horror" movies, I am pretty excited to check out Halloween the movie when it comes out on August 31.

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