Friday, August 17, 2007

Dance The Success 2 Step with La Cense

La Cense Beef

 Step 1 - First Hand Product Review

La Cense Beef has been one of my most successful affiliate program MTD for August. I ran two ads with different keywords and had great success. As with all of my most successful affiliate marketing programs, pay attention this is a key to success, I ordered the product and tried it out. I don't want to just put some ads and links out there about something I have not tried myself. Well, I must report that La Cense steaks are on par with some of the best steaks I have ever had. Grass fed beef tends to be leaner than grain fed and so cooking time becomes a bit more critical. I have to admit the first steak I cooked I overdid it a bit. Hey I was watching the Cubs game :). Well after this first trial and error the results were wonderful. The taste of the steaks and burgers had a very deep and hearty beef flavor. Well I'm no food critic, by any stretch, but I do love gourmet foods and have tried many many steaks. I have to say that these steaks are the best steaks I have ever had delivered. I highly recommend them.

La Cense Beef

Step 2 - Ride The Buzz Wave With La Cense Beef

For some of you who have known me for a while you know that I have been pretty successful online using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is my #1 income stream online. This blog is catching up though much to my delight. One of my keys to affiliate marketing is to ride the buzz a product is already generating to affiliate success. I wrote an article a while back called Boca Java, Rush Limbaugh And Affiliate Marketing detailing a bit my buzz strategy to make money in affiliate marketing. La Cense Beef has been generating considerable buzz as of late. It is all over the place. It has gotten rave reviews, by Better Homes & Gardens, Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Saveur Magazine, and even got a mention by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View. Heck it is even being talked about on youtube.

Taking advantage of opportunities like this can be very beneficial for you as a blogger and affiliate marketer. Utilizing your advertising space and keyword ads to market hot products and taking advantage of buzz that is being generated elsewhere is great way to boost earnings. Be prepared to take advantage of opportunities like this to maximize your affiliate marketing income.

That is it. Trying out products and taking advantage of buzz. Two of my key strategies to making money through affiliate marketing. What are some of your affiliate marketing successes or strategies? Have you had a successful campaign? What did you do to make it that way? Let the discussion begin!

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

Yours Truly
C “has to stand for Chow” Man

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Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

You know...I really like the title to this post;)

And I'm ALL about beef here. Hec, I'm half cow:)

Proletariatof1 said...

thanks. the steaks are wonderful too.

Anonymous said...

just curious but how much are you making from affiliate sales

Proletariatof1 said...

i do okay ;)

Anonymous said...

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