Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Your So Vain - Top 10 Reasons John Chow Probably Thinks This Blog Is About Him

1. Come on he's "the Chow" and all the girls blogs are dreaming of being his partner.

2. He really is on the People Magazine World's 100 Most Beautiful People list. But because People is playing favorites and deliberately keeping him off the official "published" list big magazines and newspapers won't write about him. So a whole new blog devoted to "the Chow" has risen.

3. This has to be one more way google is punishing him for his linking campaign, by making an obviously inferior little blog all about "the Chow" just to disgrace him and keep him from the #1 ranking.

4. Because he had me as a reader several weeks ago, when I was still a quite naive blogger. When I had dreams of blogging grandeur. Now those dreams are just clouds in my boca java coffee, clouds in my bova java coffee. In desperation I gave into my anger and have obviously crossed over to the dark side of the blogosphere and become his apprentice. "Cman - I am your "Chow"der!"

5. The blue "Sports" bull in the header has to be a veiled reference to "the chow's" header.

6. It is the perfect way for "the Chow" to show his readers How To Handle Negative Comments.

7. There are pictures of people eating food.

AP Photo by Louis Lanzano

8. I don't run the 100 meter dash but I do love Mrs. Dash.

9. My name is John too.

And Finally

10. The C in Cman has to stand for Chow, right?

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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Unknown said...

very funny post. do you have something against John Chow?

Proletariatof1 said...

not particularly why? though I do think he let his ego get the best of him for a while as I felt he started treating his readers like crap and taking them for granted.

roundouts said...

lol yea! for a minute I thought you were falling off your rocker. Great post and unique writing syle.
Also very original in my opinion.
I believe Chow takes his readers for granted aswell.

Proletariatof1 said...

he has been better lately. he is running a better contest. although quite a few of his posts have been guest bloggers. the only thing he seems to be posting lately are pictures of his various dinners.

I'm really not being that critical. I think he has a good natured sense of humor about himself, his blog and his success.

Anonymous said...

Makes proud to be Not John Chow.