Monday, July 30, 2007

Update your Site's Thumbnail Image in Technorati

I have been noticing, in addtion to the never ending ping problem as of late, that my thumbnail on Technorati has not been updating like it was. A while back I wrote a very small post, Changing Your Site's Thumbnail Image In Technorati, that has garnered a lot of traffic. I had followed this method and updated my Alexa thumbnail several times in the last month which resulted in no changes to Technorati. I was beginning to wonder about Technorati.

After the power outage last week and the increase in ping problems, I contacted Technorati concerning my thumbnail problem and my site ping problem. I was told that they were dropping the Alexa thumbnail system and would be changing to something better, but they could not give me any more information. I asked why they dropped Alexa weeks before they had another system in place and I was not given an answer other than that a new system would be in place shortly.

Finally Technorati has released the new information on how to update your thumbnail picture. Technorati has moved to Snap as their blog thumbnail provider. Here is the new way to Update your Site's Thumbnail Image in Technorati.

1. Go to and in the search box you will type

replace with your actual site url and then hit search. If your site has not been added to the snap directory your site will not come up. You will need to submit your site here and then wait for about 24 hours and then try this method again to assure you have the right thumbnail picture.

2.Locate the link that says "Report a problem with this image" below your current Preview Image.

3.Click the link. The page preview should be updated within about 24 hours.You can always check back with the page to make sure it's been updated.
later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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Lori aka A Cowboy's Wife said...

Great info Cman. My site was there but it showed the correct image. Thanks again!

Proletariatof1 said...

unlike alexa, snap is pretty good about updating your site thumbnail on a regular basis. with them being a search engine they crawl your site fairly regularly.

thanks for stopping by.