Friday, June 29, 2007

Where Preparation And Opportunity Meet

I always hear people that aren’t successful saying about those that are, “they are just lucky.” Successful people aren’t just “lucky.” They were prepared and in the right mindset when opportunity presented itself. By associating with and befriending successful people you can learn how to be prepared when your opportunity comes.

I have found this relationship to be very true. Not just in the online world but offline as well. Find people that are more successful than you and befriend them. Find out what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. Success rubs off. Knowledge and experience can be gleaned from those you associate with and in doing so many mistakes can be avoided.

Milton Berle said that, "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." Learning, seeking, taking risks, these are all about creating opportunity and getting yourself prepared. Nate over at Nate Whitehill dot Com recently posted an article on how having the right friends can make all the difference. In the article he talks about his experiences regarding his circle of friends and his personal success. When he went from selecting friends that were "fun to hang out with" and started "surrounding myself with like-minded and similarly focused people" he found that he was "able to make incredible progress, both personally and ...[in] our businesses." Choosing friends and associates in a proper manner is all about preparing yourself for opportunity.

I have seen people with tons of potential and countless opportunities waste it all because of poor decisions in picking their relationships. I have watched as person very close to me destroyed our relationship for a fleeting moment of fun with new friends. I have seen the hurt in her eyes, heard the regret in her voice, as she wished that time could be reversed and different roads traveled. Unfortunately the past cannot be undone, but mistakes in it can be learned from. I agree with what Nate said in his article that "it is easy to get caught up in a highly social and non-productive lifestyle." I would encourage you to examine your relationships and choices and ask yourself if they are beneficial and constructive. Do they make you a better person?

Find people that encourage you, make you better, and inspire you to be great. Seek out people of like mind, with similar ideals and goals. Develop relationships with people of high moral character that have lofty goals. Find risk-takers, not reckless, as you will find that taking more calculated risks, and through focused action "luck," that intersection of preparation and opportunity, will find you.

Do you have experiences like this in your own life? Have you had a friend who inspired you? A harmful relationship you had to leave behind? How have preparation and opportunity intersected in your life? Leave a comment and discuss it for the benefit of all.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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