Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PayPerPost Program Review

After seeing many sites with the PayPerPost banners and sponsored posts I decided to check it out and see for myself what all the fuss was about. I joined several weeks ago and have completed several offers, of which this is one, and have found it to be a very good program and an easy way to earn extra income from your blog. One of my keys to profitable productive blogging is to develop multiple income streams and PayPerPost is one such "stream" that is very profitable and doesn't take a ton of time so that you can maintain a high level of productivity.

For advertisers PayPerPost is a way for them to tap in to a community of over 28,000 bloggers and reach millions of readers every month. With PayPerPost's blog rating and "postie" ratings an advertiser can target their advertisement to certain criteria and level of blog. When an advertiser posts an opportunity the "posties" from PayPerPost will review, promote and market products, services and websites on behalf of the advertiser.Advertisers range from Fortune 500 companies down to small advertisers and everything in between. PayPerPost is the ultimate word of mouth advertising venue in the world.

For you bloggers PayPerPost is a program that allows you to make money blogging while writing about products, services, websites and companies and earn cash for your advertisement, opinions, and reviews. Many of us in the blogging community are/were already doing this and PayPerPost is a way to take what you already love doing, blogging, and make it more profitable and productive for you. PayPerPost allows advertisers to rate "posties" work and also rates the "posties" blog traffic using rankings from google and alexa.
PayPerPost encourages people to be open and honest with their postings.

It's up to you to pick the Opportunities that best suit you and your blog. If it doesn't feel right, if you don't own the product, or if you can't be honest we ask you to pass on the Opportunity. Dishonest or completely off-topic posts can ultimately hurt your blog's credibility. We strongly encourage you to only take opportunities that relate to you and to alert us if an advertiser ever suggests that you be dishonest.

PayPerPost has a very good Code Of Ethics policy for their "posties" that is summed up in two statements.

  1. Be Honest with Yourself and Your Readers
  2. Disclosure is Required

Another thing I really like about the PayPerPost program is that they allow you to divert some of your earnings to a charity. One of the options is one of my favorite charities Habitat For Humanity. Giving to others is a big part of my philosophy and is something I do with a tithe of all donations to this site. The charity I donate to is Compassion Services International.

As a resource for profitable productive blogging I have made PayPerPost my site of the week and I rate PayPerPost a 10, and recommend it to all of my readers.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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