Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hits4Pay Program Review

I have been using Hits4Pay for about a 2 weeks now and have accumulated a bit over 100$. The payout threshold is 25$ so I should be receiving payment in July. Hits4Pay is similar to some of the other paid email programs I participate in like InboxDollars and Sendearnings. Hits4Pay doesn't have all of the cash offers, games, and surveys like the others though. Right now the plan is to use the bulk of my earnings from Hits4Pay as additional funds for my advertising budget. If you click on my Featured Sites button in my navigation menu above you will see some other programs that I use for the same purpose.

They are offering $10 free to those that sign up and I have been receiving about 15 paid emails a day from Hits4Pay paying $.02 per email. You can see that without any referrals it would take just under 2 months to reach the threshold for payment. This isn't bad considering you don't have to sign up for any offers, take any surveys, and viewing the emails is very easily done while doing other online tasks.

Hits4Pay has been operating online since 1998. The business structure is one where advertisers pay them to reach a particular audience and the revenue from that paid advertising plus income from any affiliate programs is then shared with the members.

I would rate Hits4Pay 8 out 10. It is free to sign up and comes with 10$ free to start you on your way. The earnings potential without referrals is a bit lower than other similar programs, but you also don't have to complete any offers. On the productivity side it is very easy to view the ads while doing other online activities. I recommend this program to my readers as an easy way to earn some money to pad that advertising budget or to simply make a little extra spending money.

UPDATE: Thanks for reading, check out my latest Hits4Pay update Maximize Your Hits4Pay Earnings in 5 Easy Steps.

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