Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cman's Agloco Update & Viewbar Review

Well Agloco is finally live and after a few glitches at the start seems to working well. Read a description of what Agloco is and my inital impression and review of Agloco here. Considering they just went live on June 8th I think things are going smoothly. I have been using my viewbar and have hit my max hours for the month. I have noticed that my referals are not surfing quite as much as I am so far. They have initiated the auto-upgrades for the viewbar and it seems to be going well. My viewbar is updated and showing ads and is working great. The upgraded bar integrates well with both Firefox and the new IE. I haven't noticed any slowdown in surfing due to the bar which is nice. I do wish that the ads were a little more relevant to my interests or my surfing habits.

Here is what is what Brian Greenwald from Agloco is saying they are working on to improve Agloco and our earnings.

The next phase for AGLOCO is the maximizing of Viewbar revenue. This is an important goal, as we have fairly fixed costs so the more revenue we generate (especially more revenue per Viewbar), the more each Member will receive. There are lots of steps that will need to be taken in the coming months to improve AGLOCO’s revenue including:

  1. Improving our search and ad revenue sources and sharing agreements. As more Members use the Viewbar, our bargaining power grows.
  2. Start the Viewbar targeting system. One part of this system will focus ads based on your searches and surfing. Another part of this system will focus ads based on where you live (of course, AGLOCO will need to have a contract with ad networks in each of these countries to provide local ads in local countries).
  3. Better inform Members of the revenue generating opportunities on the Viewbar.
  4. Continue to work with existing Members who have not yet activated their Viewbars. We expect that after the initial spike of downloads this process will be one of gradual adoption. New Members signing up will have access to the Viewbar right away.
  5. Continue to make improvements to encourage continued viral growth of the AGLOCO Membership. This includes website improvements, increased Viewbar functionality, and an opt-in Member-to-Member communication system.
Sounds exciting and I am looking forward to more great things from Agloco. If you haven't yet signed up for Agloco, I highly recommend getting in now while it is still a virtual ground floor opportunity. Here's to our combined success.

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