Saturday, June 9, 2007

Boca Java, Rush Limbaugh And Affiliate Marketing

Okay here is the question what do Rush Limbaugh, Boca Java, affiliate marketing, and this blog have in common? On the surface nothing but let's examine it a bit more closely.

Rush Limbaugh

Regardless of whether you agree with his politics you have to admit products he endorses or advertises on his show are wildly successful. Scale? Think Oprah's Book Club and book sales. Probably his impact is bigger. I would have to say that Rush pretty much single handedly put Snapple on the national scene.

Boca Java

One of the latest products to be endorsed and advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show and my favorite coffee. The coffee is roasted to order and arrives as fresh as coffee can be. The aroma when you open the box is wonderful, and when you grind those beans and brew your fist cup you will see why I love it so much and why Boca Java is also Rush Limbaugh's favorite coffee.

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Affiliate Marketing With Boca Java

Boca Java in conjunction with it's Rush advertising campaign has recently launched an affiliate marketing campaign as well. The buzz surrounding the product combined with a great affiliate program that includes high commissions and oft times really great performance incentives that can really add to your bottom line. The buzz is great. The product is great, and the affiliate program itself is great.

Profitable Productive Blogging and Boca Java

Taking advantage of a hot product with a huge amount of buzz behind it and capitalizing on it is a great affiliate marketing strategy and an easy way to make more money blogging. This would be productive use of advertising space and certainly profitable.

Now I actually ordered Boca Java gourmet coffee because I heard the ad on Rush, love coffee and decided to give it a try. I loved it! I recommended it to friends and family and several of them tried it and loved it as well. The freshness and flavor of the coffee is phenomenal. This was all done before Boca Java started the affiliate program. I was already "marketing" this product to friends and family by telling them about this great coffee, now with the affiliate program I can earn commission on the sales I am generating.

Taking advantage of opportunities like this can be very beneficial for you as a blogger and affiliate marketer. Utilizing your advertising space to market hot products and taking advantage of buzz that is being generated elsewhere is great way to boost earnings. Be prepared to take advantage of opportunities like this to maximize your affiliate marketing income.

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later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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Ann Levings said...

I got Boca Java in a survey I had to take to get a 'free' product I wanted. I hadn't any source of good coffee since Seattle's Best dried up locally. I have to admit, Boca Java beats Seattle's Best hands down! (and let's not talk about Starbuck's buying up Seattle's Best-once that happened it became the same cr**py coffe)

Proletariatof1 said...

i agree boca java is some of the best coffee I have ever tried. thanks for stopping by it is really appreciated. I hope you followed some links and bought some coffee.

Anonymous said...

I love boca java coffee. Their Banana Foster float is wonderful. A intereting read thanks.

BlueMan said...

rush limbaugh is an idiot