Friday, June 15, 2007

AdBrite - You Can't Lose! - Maximize Your Earnings!

I have been using AdBrite for quite some time now and really like their program. They offer inline ads, contextual ads, and active interstitials. AdBrite has been a very successful program for me both as a publisher and as an advertiser.

Now AdBrite has begun something that, to my knowledge, is unprecedented in the contextual ad marketplace. They are offering to beat your earnings with other ad publishers or if they can't they will run the other ads for you. I have tried this out and have been very happy. I can place one ad block and know that the ads running in it are earning my the maximum amount possible.

You can run ads from your current ad networks within your AdBrite code, and they will always show the ads that earn you the most money. In other words, when they can earn you the most, they will show our ads. When they can't, they will rotate your other ads back in. You can't lose.

I have tried this with Bidvertiser and yahoo so far with good success. If you haven't signed up with AdBrite yet I highly recommend them.

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