Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am part of the million dollar experiment

I was over at Steve Pavlina's website, a site I recently came across that is now one of my favorites, and found this post about his million dollar experiment. The goal of the experiment is to generate $1 million in additional income in the lives of each of the participants. This experiment is based on what Steve calls the intention-manifestation model.

I decided to participate in this experiment, not solely for the pursuit of money, but for the pursuit of being a better, more positive and productive person. A personal challenge for this year, i don't call them resolutions, was to improve my personal productivity and this is another step toward that end. There are too many negative people in this world spewing negative words and discouraging others from their dreams, desires and goals. I don't want to be one of those people. Positive people draw positive things to them and the opposite is true as well. Be a positive person.

Another important reason I intend to succeed in this experiment is my intense desire to help others succeed even beyond my own limited successes. I believe that those that have found success to any level have a duty to help others. We don't have a duty to be haughty and proud or to be a braggart. Those that are emptying their hands helping others have room to receive. Those that hold tightly and do not share are closed to receiving new things. I will succeed, and I will help others do the same so that they may in turn help others.

If you wish to share in my endeavors and believe as I do that it really is more blessed to give than to receive please leave a donation.

later all and have a profitable and productive day.

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