Monday, May 21, 2007

How I Got Banned From Adsense And How You Can Avoid It

Okay here is the story. I pissed of a person, which I won't name, in a forum, I won't name, and he started making a few threats that he would get my adsense account banned. Honestly I was new to the adsense game and I didnt' think anything of it at the time. I have learned a ton since then.

Then all of a sudden I noticed a huge increase in traffic and clicks. I thought this was suspicious so I investigated. I found that my sites had been placed, without my knowledge or consent, into a bunch of auto/manual surf programs and click exchanges. I immediately contacted the site admins to have my sites removed and also contacted google about the situation. I did this as soon as I noticed the problem. I got no response from google other than a basic form letter restating the google adsense policies to me. Then several days later I got the dreaded email from google saying my adsense account had been shut down.

Is it really this easy for someone to get you banned?? The short answer is yes it is really this easy. If you don't have the traffic, therefore a little clout, google will ban you pretty much no questions asked and no answers or explanations given. Well I went through the appeal process with google trying to get my account reinstated. I sent them copies of the forum posts, links to the posts, site logs, e-mails to and from the autosurf/click exchange, information from my google analytics, one site administrator even gave me the IP and other information of the person putting my sites up so that I could gave that information to google.

Honestly I don't think they even looked at any of it. My account was seemingly not imporatant as at the time I was only getting about 10 clicks a day. I simply got an e-mail back within literally hours of my appeal restating the adsense policies and saying my appeal had been denied. Again no real explanation and they did not even address all of my evidence and information.

Needless to say I submitted a second appeal with even more information. Once again, this time it was about a day, I received a response stating my appeal was denied. So that is it. Case and adsense account closed due to no wrongdoing of my own. So here is my tip to you on how to avoid being a target of a malicious attack like this. I wish I had learned this several months ago.

Install this script on your site.

Put this script directly after first <head> command

<Script language="JavaScript">
function out_of_frame()
if(window != top)
top.location.href = location.href;
// -->

Now replace your <body> with this

<body onLoad="out_of_frame();">

All autosurfs display your site in a iframe. This script will not allow your page to be loaded in a frame.

I hope this has been informative and helpful.

Just in case I'm too late, or if you simply want diversity, check out one of my previous posts on Adsense Alternatives. These are some really great programs with better payout terms than Adsense anyway.

later all and have a profitable and productive day

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