Sunday, April 1, 2007

Some Personal Tips of Profitable Blogging

here are the tips for making money blogging on the internet.

1. make your niche, at least your first or main one, something of interest to you personally

2. regularly update the site with posts, links to relevant content, and rss feeds relating to the niche. this will give people a reason to return and help create a sustainable traffic level

3. visit other blogs related to yours and post comments with links back to your site. contact the author and let them know you are linking to their site and ask for them to return the favor. do this early and often as this will help drive traffic to your site and up your standing in the search engines.

4. add affiliate advertising in addition to your adsense advertising. sign up with a site like commission junction.

5. diversify not only your sites but your advertising. obviously use adsense but also try BidVertiser. it has a really good program also and not quite as strict a policy as google. there are others also.

6. market your site via myspace. you will need to join some groups and forums and then post topics and bulletins. find people in these groups and forums and add them as friends. add as many friends as possible. once you begin to build a network you can start posting bulletins to market your site.

7. remain dedicated. it will take a lot of work in the beginning. set aside a set amount of time each day to devote to your ventures.

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