Thursday, October 18, 2007

Information On How To Set Up A Small Businness - IncParadise.Com My Review

I headed over to and poked around for quite some time. As someone who has went through the initial process of incorporation I was looking to see how they introduced their service especially to a person newly looking at incorporation, how the site differentiated itself from others (why pick them?), how easily was information found, and how would incorporation help my business.

Upon visiting and checking out the home page and poking around as If I was new and looking for information in general on incorporation I found that it was a bit difficult to find the information I was looking for. I wish that the faq bar on the right side of the page was higher in the place of the picture and quote. This would place their excellent faqs in the top of the page and readily visible to new visitors. Once I found the faqs I feel that most questions a new person would have were answered very well.

The second thing I was looking for was differentiation and how the site was better or different than other options. On the front page they show the cost of their service against the cost of some of the most recognized names in incorporation. They also offer expedited service that in my view is a great option expecially for forming a Nevada LLC for real estate investment. I do this on a regular basis and being able to get it done 2 days is a great plus. They also will do corporations in all 50 states.

There are certain steps you should take once your corporation or LLC is set up. When you corporation is first set up you should have a meeting of directors and shareholders. You should adopt bylaws. When your LLC is set up you should adopt an Operating agreement. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, offers you free forms or they also can prepare the whole set of documents for only $20-$25. You can also get your own tax id using their free forms or they can do it for you for only $25. The free options, the low prices, and fast turnaround are all aspects that really differentiated the service from others.

Navigating around the site wasn't that difficult and the information seemed organized well. I had a few problems, as stated above, with the site layout. I feel the 3 sections, popular package, picture/quote, and document picture/links, should be below the compare prices, and the expedited shipping sections. This would place that information above the fold .

Even after having been through the incorporation process dozens of times, I actually learned a few things I hadn't known from browsing through the tons of information this site has. My overall rating of the site would be positive. The site is a good source for either a person new and just investigating incorporation and also for a person that has been through the process already.

If you have been considering incorporation or are curious how it could benefit your online businesses you should stop by Have you ever considered the option of incorporating your online businesses? Are you already incorporated? What was your experience?

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